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Who We Are

About Us

Who are we? Mapping Our thoughts is a company that offers online tutoring and project consultation aimed at helping students and professionals upgrade their understanding of math and C++. 

At our core, we teach standards, principles, and curricula through projects relevant to applications you may find at a job, college or home when needing to solve a problem.

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Why We Started

Basic programming skills and standards are rapidly disappearing from the workforce and college universities. That's why more and more people are learning how to build and program their own. Our Online Tutoring and Project Consultations will not only help you with your questions, but will also give you the tools you need to develop your own projects.


These services are unique because it's all about standards, principles, and the most critical thing - clarity. That's why we've decided to create it, not just to learn C++ but learn the process behind building practical projects.

Our Values



Develop programs and send info over secure channels.



Find creative solutions for every challenge that comes our way.



Focus on getting the final result, no matter the cost.



Increase performance and trim excesses to best assist individuals.



Provide instant feedback and testing to ensure success.

Success is Only One Click Away

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