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Exceptional tutor. My son who attends UF Engineering school was able to.learn how to complete C++ labs and other coding applications. I would definitely recommend this tutor.


Antonio helped me with C++, he demonstrated a lot of patience and was very knowledgeable in the topic. He was also very kind and friendly which made the
experience even better.


Antonio is helping my son with algebra and calculus and is a great tutor! He also is extremely flexible in scheduling the sessions.


Excellent teacher who will work with every problem with you step by step. He always makes sure to break down the material in simple terms for the student to understand it better.


Antonio was very patient and went above and beyond to make sure that I understood the material. I would definitely recommend Antonio for anyone that is struggling with math.


Antonio was great and capable of figuring out a problem other tutors had not been able to. He was very present and personable to work with. Thanks for the help!


Antonio is passionate about tutoring. When I needed help for my son in Calculus ll, Antonio provided the skills and training so he understood. He is always willing to adjust his schedule to fit in an unscheduled class. We will definitely continue to use his services and recommend him highly.


Antonio made the best of my scattered knowledge of math and helped me save a failing grade! Would highly recommend to a student at any level of math. Antonio knows how to switch gears from high level concepts to basic elementary math without skipping a beat.


Great tutor. Very knowledgeable and available, always happy to help! Always answering questions, he is very clear when explaining and knows how to adapt the teaching methodology according to the learning process of the student.

Maria Anna

Antonio was great, very patient and very accommodating with my assignment. It took us a while but he insisted that it be 100%. I highly recommend him. Usually I feel a little scared to ask people with help but with him, I didn’t feel that. Will definitely be coming back!


Antonio was great with helping me better understand my final project. Antonio helped
explain the concepts while making sure my code compiled. I would 10/10 recommended Antonio as a tutor.


Thank you Antonio for being supportive. I appreciate the fact that you move at my pace and make sure I am understanding the subject as we go along. C++ is not an easy subject so thank you for being available and ready to help me learn.


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