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Our Process

How It Works

The 80-20 rule in our process states that only 20% of ones success comes from outside help while the other 80% comes from within.


Our  Services

The Work You Put In


Which Service Should You Choose?

Online Tutoring

  • Looking for guidance

  • Strengthen foundations for long-term success

  • Less hands-on and more mentoring

  • Go through our Mapping Learning

Project Consultation

  • Need one-on-one support

  • Large project or assignment due soon

  • More hands on approach

  • Specialized topics outside of C++.

Our Learning Methods

We incorporate the following learning methods:

1. Reinforcement Learning
2. Feedback and or Knowledge of Results Learning
3. Distribution of Practice Learning
4. Whole and Part Learning
5. Interest and Attitudes

Zoom Meeting
Fist Pound

Our Process

Mapping Learning Process:

  •  Assess were one stands on the Foundation Pyramid.

  • Find what topics or projects are of interest.

  • Develop a game plan to fill in the foundations of the pyramid.

  • Focus on building one skill at a time.

  •  Monitor and Reassess Progress.

Foundation Pyramid

Standards & Principles

Testing and Evaluating

Decision Matrix & Reverse Engineering


Customized Environment

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Success is Only One Click Away

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